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In the Hollywood Hills lives Patti Negri, a whimsical, positivity-filled woman that sees the good in everyone and everything. She lives with her drummer husband, the ghosts of a French artist named Adrienne and her dead Dachshund, a haunted doll, and a living cat, all of which culminates to show just how interesting her life is. Once dabbling in the world of acting, singing, and dancing, and after owning her own production company, she now gives her full time to the spirit world. Patti’s private clients, which she sees one-on-one for readings, are now done over Zoom due to the current pandemic situation. She also teaches and speaks at conferences, does energy clearings of houses to clear bad energy and negativity, and performs seances. In her work, she tries to show how real the spirit world is and how changing one’s relationship with it changes their relationship with death.

Patti is a Los Angeles native that was not raised with a set spiritual faith system; rather, when she realized that she had special abilities, she was able to freely discover it and practice it. She did her first seance when she was around seven or eight years old in the hallway of her Long Beach suburban home. After creating her first chant and lifting of the veil, orbs of light appeared around the room, a pivotal moment in her journey. She realized she was able to control access to the spirit world, that it wasn’t anything to be afraid of. As an adult, however, her abilities became part of her private life as she moved into the entertainment industry, and later, joined the corporate world. In 2008, while still running her production company, she was asked to do a reality show on CMT called Mobile Home Disaster, and though she was hesitant to do it in fear that the corporate world would find out and not take her seriously again, she did it. Eventually, a corporate client saw her on the show, and she was intrigued by Patti’s abilities. Since then, and due to the market crash, she decided to give all of her energy to the spirit world.

According to Patti, anyone that is interested in getting into the magic world should begin with reading material. She suggests her book Old World Magick for the Modern World, a short, easy novel that is a bestseller in five countries, anything from Scott Cunningham, or something on bookshelves, found in metaphysical shops or libraries, that one’s intuition leads them to. This is crucial: let intuition lead. Patti says to put consciousness into life, to find like-minded people reaching for more. This gets into her overall message of taking control of one’s own life and to not be a victim, a philosophy she learned in Occult Studies. If one is not in charge of their life, she says to figure out where or what their power is being given to in order to take it back. Dragons can be useful in this journey as well. Flying between heaven and earth, pet dragons, small, toy-like ones or others of such sort, have real spirits that Patti mentions are given to them by their owners. She swears by them: clients of hers that keep pet dragons have left an abusive relationship, fled the Route 91 Harvest Festival prior to the shooting, and broke the LA Dodgers’ curse.

Interviewing Patti was an eye-opening experience filled with useful tips and a large amount of positivity. She always sees the best in people and sees the potential in them that they may not see in themselves. To keep up with her latest projects, one can find her on Instagram @patti.negri, follow her podcast The Witching Hour, and see her on AwesomenessTV and Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.

Written by Michelle Allende


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